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  • RE: Charitable Donations

    Thanks for the response but please could I ask you to fully address the questions in my point 3 above? Thanks
  • RE: Charitable Donations

    Hi, in addition to my query above on Charitable Donations (for which I am still awaiting a response please), I would also like to ask for confirmation on the following which are all with regards to my 2023/24 self assessment:- 1) Per original query above, whether it is possible to carry forward charitable Donations made in previous tax years (prior to 23/24) to set off against income being taxed at higher rate? 2) I understand that I can carry back gift aid donations made in 2024/25 to set off against my 2023/24 tax liability but only if made between 6th April 2024 up until the date I file the return (and before 31st Jan-25) – PLEASE CAN YOU CONFIRM IF THIS IS CORRECT? 3) Following on from point 2, I since spoke to a complaints handler at HMRC, who advised on the following over the phone, but I would like HMRC guidance to be confirmed in writing please:- • Would I be able to include any 2024/25 charitable donations in my 2023/24 self assessment if I were to submit now including any future charitable donations not yet made if they are on standing order or any payments I intend to make in future months? The chap I spoke to at HMRC didn’t think it would be a problem if I included these future payments. • He also advised that if I submitted my tax return now for example, then at a later date (up to a year later) I can amend my 2023/24 self assessment charitable donations to include all those payments I would have made by 5th Apr-25. Please can you advise on which approach is preferable to use. Many thanks for your help.
  • Charitable Donations

    Hi, I am filing a Self Assessment (2023/24) for the first time and have a question with regards to tax relief on Charitable Donations. I happen to be a higher rate tax payer in 23/24 but in the previous tax years I was a basic rate tax payer. I am wondering whether it is possible to carry forward charitable donations made in previous tax years for which I was a basic rate payer and set off the tax relief against 2023/24 income being taxed at the higher rate? I hope that makes sense! Many thanks.
  • Registering for Self Assessment

    Hi, I have a simple question - I applied online to register for self assessment, completing SA1 form on 30th April but when I submitted it I did not get any acknowledgement email, nor can I see any record of the application in my online Personal Tax Account. Tried talking to HMRC twice today, once with self assessment team and once with online support, neither of which could tell me whether they have received my application! I was advised to resend the form and so have done so today on 22nd May, but again I did not receive any acknowledgement email, nor can I see any record of it in my Personal Tax account. Feels like I'm going round in circles with this - how do I know if HMRC have received this form and why can't they tell me when I call them ? Seriously frustrating. Thank you :)