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  • Remote working in the EU for UK company

    Hello, I am looking for guidance regarding my situation. I am a dual British-Irish citizen with passports in both citizenships. For all of my adult working life I have lived and worked for organisations in the UK, until recently. In March 2024 I entered France for an indefinite period of time and began working remotely for my UK-based employer with whom I have been employed since December 2021. The remote working was previously verbally agreed with my employer. I entered France on my Irish passport and as such is not subject to the requirements of a working visa. My employer has contacted me to query how tax should be paid now, because I am living in France. However, it is worth mentioning that I do not currently have a permanent address. I have been staying in AirBnb’s. My salary is being paid into my UK bank account. I still have ties to the UK through family and friends. I have a residence through my family in the UK, which is the address that my employer currently has until I have a permanent residence in the EU. I do not know if I will be permanently settling in France for now, but I will almost certainly be within the EU. I do not intend to return to the UK except for leisure. My questions are: 1. Is there anything I would need to do in order to avoid being taxed twice in both France and the UK? 2. Is there anything I need to provide to my employer to avoid them from being billed from French tax collection bureau? 3. Can I continue to be employed under PAYE terms whilst being resident in France/EU? Thank you in advance. Kind regards Alex