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  • RE: What forms of tax return do I need to submit?

    I registered for self assessment online through my Gateway account on 23 Sep 2023. However, so far I haven't got my UTR. What should I do now? It's my first year submitting a tax return, and I need to send paper forms as I would like to apply for the split year arrangement. Should I print out the forms and send them to the HMRC right away without my UTR? Please advise. Thanks!
  • My UTR

    I registered myself for self assessment on 23 Sep 2023, but so far I have got any letter from HRMC to inform me of my UTR, or I could not see it on my online personal tax account. This is my first year doing self assessment, and I will submit paper forms. As the submission deadline is approaching, I'm afraid I will be late without having my UTR. How can I get my UTR as soon as possible? Please help!
  • RE: What forms of tax return do I need to submit?

    For the form SA100, can I simply print out the form I found at the HRMC's website marked "for reference"? Cause I have been calling the HRMC office several times to request that form, but every time I had to wait for a too long without anyone answering it.
  • Am I self-employed or employed?

    I write books for a company based in Hong Kong and receive royalty income from that company. Which tax return should I submit for the royalty income received, SA102, SA103 or SA106?
  • What forms of tax return do I need to submit?

    I moved to the UK from overseas on 30 July 2022. I'm jobless in the UK. But I still receive income from an overseas job and interest from overseas savings. I would like to apply for split-year arrangement in the tax year 2022-2023. Besides SA100, what forms do I need to submit for this year?