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  • RE: ending partnership but continue as a sole trader

    Thank you for your reply. I am late on sending in the partnership return forms for March to April 22 to 23 as they went to another house rather than mine (post office error) I have just paid the £100 fine for being late and have printed the return forms(SA800) using the Gov website . As I mentioned there has never been a partner added because he had a complete u turn at the last minute but this was after I had filed to set up as a partnership? I payed my personal self assessment online using the income from the business as per standard procedure which all went through fine. Is there anyway you could direct me to the exact forms I need to fill in, in order to inform HMRC that I would like to file to become a sole trader rather than a partnership and in fact there was never anybody added. As I said the business is going really well but I just need to get this matter sorted. Thank you again for the help.
  • ending partnership but continue as a sole trader

    Hi, I hope somebody can help? I recently started a partnership business (End of March 2023) with the intent on someone else joining me. Unfortunately that didn't happen so for the last year of the business I've basically been a sole trader. The Business is going well but would like to just continue on my own and at the end of every complete the normal online self assessment forms rather than the partnership paper forms. How do I go about doing this? (partnership to sole trader) I have looked everywhere but can't seem to find any information? TIA.