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  • RE: Capital gain tax on stocks

    Hello, I'm afraid neither apply, because I have stocks and I'm a grantor. The stocks are exercised. I receive premium and also stock capital gain. Do I just treat the profit (premium and appreciation) as a whole? They will be executed by the option clearing limited and I will receive the residual value as a whole.
  • Capital gain tax on stocks

    Hello, I went into option trading and was a covered call. I had stocks and I granted call options. Say, the stock I bought was 50, and I was forced to sell the stock at 55 (premium received was 3)(neglect the market price as option grantor need to fulfill the right to give stock at certain price) So how should I calculate it? Is that 3 + (55-50) = 8 realized gain? And if the exercise date goes into another accounting year, is that I put this gain into the accounting year that the clearing took place? Thank you
  • ETF interest

    Hello, I bought some US etf and have some treasuries interest distributed. It was with a 15% withholding tax from the US goverment. How I should put the interest in my self assessment? It came in a form of dividends, but it invested in bonds. Thank you
  • RE: pension

    Thank you for the reply But what about earnings? Are interest, dividends and rental income counted? Or only salary? Thank you
  • pension

    Is SIPP allowance my three years' non-used-up earnings (basic rate)? I'm self assessment. If I'm using the earnings three years' ago, did I need to report anything or I just deposit into my SIPP broker? Are interest, dividends and rental income count as my earnings? Thank you
  • Capital loss

    Hello, If I suffer huge loss after dispose an asset / shares, could I put it in my self assessment for a reference so I can claim some relief in the future? Thank you
  • National insurance not shown

    Hello, after I file my income, it should exceed the threshould already, it's 14xxx something But I don't see any NI shown (class 2 and 4) in the bill, and I already submitted and now I don't know what happen, anything I need to ammend or ? And I want to ask about my NI too, last year I pay my NI but now it showed it is checking whether the 2021-22 is ok Thankyou
  • RE: Paying tax

    I mean, my tax bill, is it also valid? Thank you
  • Paying tax

    Hello, If I'm short of money to pay my bill, can I ask my family member to pay for me I'll pay him back later and he's ok with that
  • RE: Self assessment

    So what to do with my first one? Just ignore it and no need to do any thing? And my PAYE will be added to my second one? Thank you