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  • RE: Self assessment

    So, now I have one using PAYE and is my first gateway And for additional income, I use the second gateway Did I get it right?
  • Self assessment

    Hello, if one opened normal income tax account in 2021-2022, but no self-assessment and business now in 2022-2023, i want to open self-assessment and report some business income how to do that? I now registered 2 government gateway seems a bit mess and i go in my previous one, there is no business tax account as said in the internet thank you
  • RE: Annual allowance

    Thank you for your reply. What I'm confused is about the word "earnings" What earnings are eligible? There are salary, capital gain, interest, dividends Thank you
  • Annual allowance

    I use self assessment and have different kinds of income I would like to know, how much can I put in SIPP? does capital gain tax and all forms of other incomes count? Thank you
  • Capital gain tax expense

    Hello I want to sell my overseas property. But no way can I do it if there is no referrer and attorney. I'm not able or willing to travel and depend on them, and also I need to solve family disputes. It takes lots of expenses, and I would first want to ensure it is tax deductible. Is a contract with them and bank transfer eligible enough? It is to prove I have transferred the money to them for the purpose of disposing of the property. Thank you
  • About dividends

    Hello, There happens my US stocks gives me some dividends, which are quite, well, loads of them I would have two questions: 1. shall I put together all the dividends and report as one source, or shall I report each separately? 2. US withold 30% of the dividend tax from non-US citizens, after being taxed, what shall I do for this type of dividend? Will it be taxed twice? Or I shall claim from......any party? Thank you
  • Personal allowance not shown in my brother's payslip

    Hello, last year when he worked, the HR has counted the personal allowance each time so I started PAYE of the income tax after all his personal allowance was deducted. This year after the tax code renewal, there aren't any personal allowance deduction and I don't know why What should he do? Thank you