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  • Transfer of shares to spouse

    If I transfer shares from my sole named account to my spouses sole named account are there any CGT implications ? Would the shares transfer at the same cost as I purchased them ? Or would I create a gain/loss on the date of transfer and the shares transfer be at a new cost basis determined by the price on date of transfer ? Thanks
  • SIPP allowance split year treatment

    Hello, Under the split year rules, how much can I put in a SIPP ? For example, return to UK after 15 years overseas, non-resident in UK for tax purposes during this time, return 1 January 2023 and reporting in UK as split year for 2022/23. As a 'non-earner' can I put UKP 2,880 (net) in my SIPP for 2022/23 ? I did not put anything in my SIPP when I was overseas, is it possible to put in an allowance for previous years now I have returned ? Lastly, is 'non-earner' defined as someone who is earning from employment or self-employment ? As a retiree am I considered a 'non-earner' or does the fact I have investment income place me in a category where I could put more in my SIPP ? Many thanks for and advice/help.
  • CGT - split year pooling of shares purchased before return

    Hello I returned to UK after over 10 years overseas. For 2022/23 I shall be reporting split-year from 1 January 2023 What is the cost basis rule for shares purchased before return to UK, and sold after my return ? Should they be placed in a 'section 104 pool' or are these shares sold on a first in first out basis ? For example 100 shares company A purchased 1 August 2022 for equivalent of UKP 1,000, then 100 shares company A purchased 1 October for UKP 800. On selling 100 shares in March 2023 (now UK resident) is the cost basis UKP 1,000 (FIFO) or UKP 900 (pooling basis) ? Thank you for any help.