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  • Stamp Duty to buy my first home in UK

    Hi, I am going to buy my own house in UK, but I am not sure what should I follow on the stamp duty rate in my situation. My husband and me had owned a house in HK before, but we had sold it. My husband has just bought a house in UK solely under his name. I am now going to buy another house which will be solely under my name. We will live separately then in our owned houses, but we are still legally married. I check the stamp duty rate for 0-250K pounds is 0% or 3%; and for 250K-925K pounds is 5% or 8%. As I am viewing a house with price around 350K pounds, how much stamp duty I should pay for? Thank you
  • Self employment income classified as in UK or overseas

    I am currently in UK as resident, not citizen. I continue my part time job online after migrating to UK last year. The earnings / transactions are in HK and deposited in a bank in HK. What should the income be classified as arise in UK or overseas? Do I need to contribute NI for the income? If it is needed, the taxable income should be before or after the deduction of the NI portion ? Thank you
  • Interest and dividend income

    I am retired and do not have any wages. My only income is interest from my savings and dividend from stocks. If I gain 5000 pounds of interest and 6000 pounds of dividend, the total amount is 11000 pounds in a tax year (which is below the Personal Tax Allowance 12750 pounds), do I need to pay any tax and fill in any tax forms? If 15% tax of the 6000 pounds of dividend have been deducted in the US trading company, do I need to declare the income in the tax form (as the dividend tax rate should be higher than that in UK for my situation)? Thank you
  • Pension overseas

    Before I moved to UK last year, I have money in MPF (Mandatory Provident Fund) in HK. I couldn't withdraw these before moving to UK as I am still not up to 65 years old. These money are mandatory by HK government during my employment in HK. Some year later, if I can withdraw these money and transfer to UK, do I need to pay any tax? Thank you
  • Tax for a non-domicile resident

    If I declare as a non-domicile resident for a tax year, my understanding is that the income earned outside UK is not required to be taxed in UK if these are not transferred to UK. Am I right? How about the income in UK, (include part time, interest, dividends), can I still enjoy the income allowance, interest allowance & dividend allowance. If I am living in UK, I have some part time online jobs and the income is received in other currencies outside UK and deposited in a bank outside UK. Should I treat these income is income in UK or income in overseas? Thank you
  • Dividends earned overseas

    I have some stocks in FirsTrade US and earn some dividends. If I earn dividend USD5000 in a particular financial year, and USD750 (15%) have been deducted for paying US tax automatically. Thus the net dividend receivable is USD4250 (~GBP3500) . Do I need to pay dividend tax in UK? If yes, how should I calculate it (taking this as an example)? Thank you
  • Am I a tax resident

    I obtained the BNO visa on 25 May 2022 and arrived UK on 16 Jul 2022. I sometimes go back to HK to visit my family. If I stay in UK during the financial year 2022-2023 for only 151 days, am I a tax resident for this financial year and need to pay any income tax (include my part time job, interest & dividend earned)? Thank you