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  • RE: UTR

    I am desperate for help. It would be much appreciated if HMRC Admin could provide any advice, Many thanks.
  • UTR

    I am a non-UK resident. I have rental income from a property in UK, and have already registered for Non-resident Landlord (NRL) Scheme. As I have no UTR, I sent SA1 form to register for self assessment in January this year. However, as of today, I have not yet received any response from HMRC, and I am still waiting for my UTR. I have called the helpline (+44 161 931 9070). The staff who was responsible for UTR issues said that she was not able to help as I am non-UK resident and do not have UK National Insurance number. She referred me to another staff who was responsible for NRL Scheme. However, the second staff said that although she could assess my record under NRL Scheme, she was not allowed to disclose any information related to UTR as it was not under her purviews. The second staff then referred me to another (i.e. third) staff who was responsible for UTR. Then the aforementioned dialogues and story repeated again, and I did not get any answer. I was deeply disappointed. Would someone please advise me how to check my UTR or registration progress? Many thanks.
  • RE: NRL and Unique Taxpayer Reference

    Can anyone help answering my question? Many thanks.
  • NRL and Unique Taxpayer Reference

    Hi. I live outside the UK and have a UK property (joint owned with my wife) rented out since July 2022. My wife and my applications to join “Non-resident landlord scheme” have been approved. My wife received her Unique Taxpayer Reference on 3 Nov 2022. However, I have not yet received my Unique Taxpayer Reference as of today. Grateful to know if HMRC will provide me the Unique Taxpayer Reference automatically after NRL approval, or I have to apply for it separately, as my wife could not recall that she had separately applied for Unique Taxpayer Reference. Your advice is appreciated. Thank you.