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  • Valuation method for goods on Proforma Invoice

    Good day all, I have the below situation: A proforma invoice with a total value of 8354 USD, mentioning a total value for customs of 1045 USD. Reason for shipping stated on it : Repair/exchange Which valuation method can be used ?
  • RE: Use of VM 1 for consignments over £20,000 - email evidence

    This is exactly where it gets difficult for us. For example, we are working with a forwarder from USA who provides us the full documentation for as example: - shipments from Boeing USA to Ryanair Stanstead. In this case we do not have a direct relation with RyanAir, so the USA forwarder as our customer has to request this confirmation for us and provide clearance instructions when needed. Of course they have no idea of what or why we are asking this confirmation in regards to Valuation Methods. This is where we are trying to find a way through this, of course a work in progress...therefore the idea of requesting the statement - not sure if it is a good or a bad idea...but cannot see an easier way through for now.
  • RE: Value of no charge goods - Valuation method 1

    Thank you so much for your reply on this one, we will look at VM 2 o3 VM 3 in this case What about the case when we have a proforma which mentions 2 different values: - total declared customs value - ex: 5,000 USD - invoice value - 10,000 USD Can we consider that in this case we have a presale, so VM 1 can be used? Or we still need to look at VM2 or VM 3...
  • Use of VM 1 for consignments over £20,000 - email evidence

    Good afternoon, We are the declarant on several shipments with a value of over £20,000. Would the below statement from our customer (which is NOT always the importer - can be a 3rd country freight forwarder) be enough to keep as evidence for using Valuation Method 1? We confirm that as per terms of using VM1 : This is the price paid or payable by the buyer to the seller for the goods when they are sold for export to the UK. This is the last sale for export to the UK. If anyone can advise, this would be much appreciated.
  • Value of no charge goods - Valuation method 1

    Good day, We recently got a shipment from NL. On the invoice shipper has put : Value of no charge goods : 291.88 EUR, Total invoice value : 291.88 EUR In this case do we use the VM 1? Also in addition, on the export EU A document from NL , declared value is slightly lower - 279 EUR, can this be a problem? Many Thanks, Dumitru