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  • RE: PPI tax refund

    Hello, thank you for getting back to me. On Friday I got through to the Tax fraud line and the lady I spoke to explained that I could fill in an on line form to stop Tax Tree being an agent for me in future, I filled the form in and then I telephoned Redstar and asked them if they did send me the text or if someone else is using their name. Redstar said they did send out these texts and that if I had any questions I should call tax Tree. They also said that the end date for claiming back for the PPI was actually in September 2019 which is why the refund was from 2019 to 2020. I also then phoned the general enquiries HMRC line who said I will have to wait for Tax Tree to send me my refund less their cut and that is how it is because I filled my NI number into an on line form it will be taken as a digital signature. I dont know how true the vut off date being September 2019 is, but it seems I must put this down to experience and might not get a refund cheque from Tax Tree at all.
  • RE: Refund Confusion

    I managed to get through on the telephone today, thank you.
  • RE: PPI tax refund

    Can someone please advise me? HMRC are sending, or have already sent a cheque for overpaid tax for 2019 to 2020 to Tax Tree, who are an agent for Redstar. I did not authorise anybody to get an overpaid tax refund on my behalf. I auhorised Redstar to find out if I can claim overpaid tax for a PPI they helped me with about 10 years ago. I didnt authorise them to take any money from my HMRC account. I am worried I am being scammed, I waited on the phone for an hour and 15mins 3 days ago and gave up. A message on the phone advised to speak to someone from HRMC, on line. I followed the link that is suggested and there was no option to speak with anybody on line. So here I am on a forum.
  • RE: PPI tax refund

    I may be able to claim I received a message recently from a company (Redstar) that had made a successful PPI claim for me before 2015 and saying that the bank deducted tax from my award and I may now be able to claim this back via their partner company 'Tax Tree'. I was notified by HMRC that I am due a refund from April 2019 to April 2020 and that the cheque has been sent to Tax Tree. If this is correct and it isn't possible to claim back the tax paid to the bank from a PPI about 10 years ago, then Tax Tree will be taking a cut of my HMRC refund that has nothing to do with that PPI claim.....isn't this a scam? I am writing this while waiting for HMRC to answer my phone as I need to speak directly I think, but if anyone has an answer to put on here, please do in case I cant get through on the phone.
  • Refund Confusion

    Hello, I have messages this month about tax refunds I am owed. One from 2019 to 2020 which says a cheque will be paid to 'TAX TREE' What is a Tax Tree? The second refund is for 2022 to 2023, which I can claim for on line or wait 6 weeks for a cheque. I've followed the provided link to claim on line but cannot see any way I can actually claim in line?