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  • RE: NS&I incorrectly reported interest - resubmit my tax return?

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I know how to reopen and resubmit my tax return; my question was whether I should under the circumstances, and your reply doesn't make that clear. I'm assuming I should, unless you advise otherwise.
  • NS&I incorrectly reported interest - resubmit my tax return?

    I have a three year 'green bond' with National Savings & Investments. This is due to mature in 2024/25. NS&I says that interest credited to these bonds should only be reported to HMRC in the year in which the bond matures - so, three year's worth of interest gets reported in the year of maturity. However NS&I do credit interest to the value of the bond on an annual basis. I received a letter recently which says that NS&I incorrectly reported interest on some green savings bonds, including mine, in the tax year 2022/23, and advised that affected customers should contact HMRC. I have already submitted my tax return for the year 2022/23. My total income puts me in the 40% tax bracket and my interest received in this tax year exceeds the personal savings allowance. So any extra interest reported to HMRC would, in my case, be taxable. So my question is, should I re-open and resubmit my tax return for 2022/23, to add in the interest reported by NS&I? I had not already included it in my tax return for that year, believing all interest for this account would be reported in the tax year 2024/25.