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  • COVID WFH Allowance Cheque

    Hi, I have received a cheque from HMRC that was for covid wfh allowance for 20-21. Unfortunately , I did not have the availability to cash it in before it expired. I have subsequently called HMRC and they told me they will send me a new one. More than 9 months later, I haven't received a cheque. Can I just claim this cheque through the self-assessment form?
  • PMI Deductions to be declared on Self Assessment

    Hi, I receive Private Medical Insurance and this is payrolled. Every month under the earnings tab I have PMI Single and the amount. My understanding is that this means that it is a taxable benefit and increases my taxable pay. I have however on the Deductions tab also PMI Single, which I assume is some sort of tax that has been deducted on this benefit. Could you please confirm how i can find out what the deduction is for? Should I declare this deduction somewhere on my self assessment and does it mean that the tax on this PMI has already been paid? Thank you.
  • EIS Declared earlier in the year before self-assessment

    Hi, I have the following scenario: I have declared some EIS investments in the tax year over the post and my PAYE code was updated a few months later to account for the investments. I had to submit a self assessment later on on which I disclosed some further EIS investments. My question is should I have re disclosed the initial investments I did over post again? How are they taken into consideration on my self assessment? Thank you!