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  • Mileage vs petrol receipts

    Hi - my husband has historically claimed all his petrol receipts ( as a sole trader using his own work van to get to building sites from our home). This year he's driven 10,396 miles so I'd like to claim the £4599 instead of claiming petrol ( I understand you can only do one or the other) I'll be omitting the MOT expense too. My question is - are we allowed to change from claiming petrol receipts to claiming mileage instead from one year to the next or should I stay consistent & not change from my previous way of claiming for petrol receipts? It's obviously more tax efficient for us to deduct the mileage for this 23-24 tax year. Many thanks in advance!
  • Previous years losses

    Hi, I've made small losses ( approx £1000 in total ) over the past 2 years of a new sole trader business. This year I'm in profit £700 for the first time however I'd like to carry forward the 20/21 & 21/22 losses to net the 22/23 £700 profit. BUT although the losses have been reflected correctly in Box 32 of the previous two years SA's. I did NOT fill in Box 35 to enable me to carry forward these Box 32 accumulative losses (a complete novice oversight). Does this mean I cannot offset any of this £1000 20/21 & 21/22 loss to 22/23 SA in order to reduce tax owed this year? Have I messed up? Can I/should I amend this box on 20/21 & 21/22 retrospectively before I complete my 22/23 SA? Or can I use these losses this year to net my £700 profit regardless of the previous years box 35's being empty? Please help :)