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  • RE: Are statements of interest mandatory?

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  • RE: Are statements of interest mandatory?

    So, just to be clear: are you saying it's better to have every interest statement in case of an HMRC enquiry?
  • Are statements of interest mandatory?

    Good afternoon I have requested various statements of interest ("tax certificates") from my soon-to-be-former bank for closed accounts. Despite multiple requests, they seem to be unable to provide a statement of interest for one particular joint account. This is a source of enormous frustration for me as my wife and I would like to begin preparing our tax returns. However, I do have the total interest figure and tax deducted for that account, so I will be able to calculate total interest earned across all accounts. Would the figure alone be sufficient to declare savings interest on our returns, without the statement? Would there be a problem with me retaining statements for every account except one? Thanks in advance for your help.