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  • RE: Self Employed Expat: Days in UK

    Super, already reporting and paying on UK property rental income. The RDR3 link is exactly what I needed. I will be working less than 3 hours a day for the few weeks visiting the UK and haven't been UK tax resident for years. So the personal services income for a a few weeks while visiting the UK, won't be reportable or taxable, as far as I can tell.
  • Self Employed Expat: Days in UK

    Hello, I move around a lot in Latin America, work online as a self employed freelancer and am not resident for tax purposes anywhere - I have checked very carefully. I do receive rental income from my UK home. I am a British citizen. I'm looking to visit the UK for 40 days this summer for this tax year, some of which is to attend a conference and the rest to visit family. I understand that I would not be tax resident. However, I may work some days freelancing for US clients remotely while in the UK. How many days could I do so without causing tax implications in the UK. I understand there is something called UK income which is taxable, but I'm not sure if my consulting income would be such.