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  • RE: Business mileage

    Hi, Thanks for the guidance. I got two more question, hope you can help. My contractual based has been closed in June last year and was in the transition of transferring to a new agreed office. during the transition I go to work in the new office once a week as part of hybrid working, Just want to check can I claim any expenses (eg mileage and lunches) when I go to work in that office during the transition? Also some of my collegue where their base has closed and they have not yet had an alternative base agreed but in the meantime are travelling to nearest alternative offices once a week, can they claim any expenses when they go to the other offices? Many thanks 

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  • Business mileage

    Hi Team, Hope you can help. I travelled with a collegue to a business trip and stayed in a hotel overnight for the next day buiness meeting which started at 8;00 in the morning, my company paid the accomodation. My question is can I claim business mileage for the following suitaion? 1. I travelled to my colleage home to pick him up to the business event (from my home to my collegaue home is 20 miles). - Can I claim this extra 20 mileage for pick him? 2 We travelled from our normal workplace direct to the hotel and stayed overnight for the next day meeting at 8:00am, Can I claim the mileage for travel to the hotel (124 miles from my workplace )? 3 Can I also claim the mileage from hotel to the business meeting venue which is 1.31 miles. many thanks Carmen
  • Business mileage

    Hi, Can I claim mileage allowance if My husband give me a life to train station for business trip. The car is a family vehicle, I share the car with my husband, in some occasion I need to catch early train for business (6:45 in the morning) and he gives me a lift to and from the station, Can I claim mileage allowance if I am not the driver? Many thanks