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  • RE: Training courses expenses

    Hi Sorry I am not clear apologies this is not about trust management expenses but about non-executive deductible expenses and also how far back can I apply those expenses if they can be applied, please? Apologies I think the confusion comes from the word director trustee for a charity but it is more a non exec role than an trust management role . thank you thanks
  • Training courses expenses

    I became a Director trustee for a local charity in mid-May 2019 ( unpaid ) and later on assumed further Non-exec roles during the same year( paid under a contract for services) .. Around late May 2019 I enrolled (and paid advance fees) into a Director's course to improve my governance and risk skill set to better practice my job for the cohort starting in September 2019 with exams in May 2020. As I already was a director at that point could I deduct the course expenses please? I was not aware that I could this as a deduction so could I still deduce the training course in this tax year? Many thanks for your help
  • cgt

    I am a uk resident and pay Income tax in the UK. My dad was european and passed away before Brexit (2007.) At that point I was told that because I had already paid inheritance tax in Spain I did not need to pay again in the UK- His estate was sold last year (post Brexit) and the proceeds of the sale have been kept in a bank account in Spain . Do have have to pay any further tax now Brexit has happened in particular declare anything in my income tax as income abroad? Many thanks
  • TAX liability

    I am a UK resident who is acquiring a UK property via a mortgage with my husband. My parents who are EU citizens want to make us a donation( cash gift ) to help reduce our mortgage liability. Do we have a tax liability on this donation in the UK please when it gets transferred into our bank account or can I pay this cash gift directly into my mortgage - thank you
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