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  • RE: split year treatment

    Hello Admin Thanks for your swift reply! So what I need to do now is: (1) Apply for a UTR: (2) Apply a split year treatment by paper form (SA109): (but I would need to wait for the 2023-24 one, the latest one now is the 2022-23 one) (3) send the split year treatment form (SA109) to Self Assessment, HM Revenue and Customs, BX9 1AS, United Kingdom (4) Could I decide which job to use the tax code 1257L and which to use BR? or it must be the earlier job goes with 1257L while the later job goes with BR? Many Thanks and I look forward to your reply. And I wish you a happy Easter!
  • split year treatment

    Hello, first time to post here. I was a non-UK resident and came to the UK on 8 October 2023. I have started my first part time job from 2 January 2024 and my second part time job from 5 February 2024. My other incomes since 8 October 2023 include the bank interest in both the UK and overseas. My questions are: (1) To my understanding, I would need to do a split year treatment and complete a SA109 form to file my tax for the tax period during 6 April 2023 to 5 April 2024, wouldn't I? (2) I have the government gateway number, and do I need to have Unique Tax Reference (UTR) before doing the split year treatment? (3) And is the deadline 5 October 2024? (4) Do I need to file my bank interest as well? (5) I have 2 part time jobs in the UK, one is approx £15000/year while another one is approx £5000/ year, what should the tax code for both job be respectively? (6) How do I get the tax codes for both jobs? Many thanks in advance.