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  • CGT Implications of Shares held in a Liquidated Company

    I held shares in Applied Graphene Materials, which went bankrupt. The shares were then de-listed and hold a value of £0.00. Do I carry this as a total loss for the financial year they were de-listed and do I use the delisting date as the loss date.
  • Aviva Share Consolidation and Cash Distribution

    Hi, in May 22, Aviva undertook a 76 for 100 share Consolidation and a Cash Distribution to compensate. Is the Cash Distribution to be treated as a Dividend or a Sale of the 24% share reduction. B Sandiford
  • When Selling Shares which date to use for Self Assesment Tax Year

    Hi, I use Interactive Investor as my dealing platform. I sold some shares on 5 Apr 23 but the Settlement date wasnt until 6 Apr 23. Will this deal be part of 22 - 23 tax year, or will it fall into 23 - 24 tax year.
  • How to Carry forward a CGT Loss

    Hi, im doing my 1st Tax return and am wondering how I carry forward a CGT Loss. CGT Allowance £12300 CGT Profit £5000 CGT Loss £9500 I take it I take the £5000 profit off the £9500 loss and carry forward the £4500 loss. Where on the online form do I carry forward the £4500 loss..?
  • Is CGT set against Income

    Hi, I'm new to CGT reporting and wish to ask the following: Let's say for example in Tax Year 22-23 I have the following Pension of £6300 Savings interest of £2600 Dividend of £1700 CGT profit of £6500 How would this be broken down say for income tax purposes and annual allowances for savings, dividends and CGT. Eg is it all totalled up and offset by my personal tax allowance Or Are the savings, dividend and CGT allowances deducted 1st and then what's left totalled and offset by my personal tax allowance Or Something different..
  • Carrying Forward CGT Losses

    Hi, I'm new to Annual Online SA Tax Returns. I've just been reading the threads of this forum and are a little confused. TAX YEAR 22-23 If I had a CGT profit of £8000 and A loss of £2500 Could I 1. As my profit was under the £12300 annual CGT allowance ignore it carry forward the whole £2500 loss to 23-24 tax year. or 2. Subtract £2000 loss from £8000 profit leaving net £6000 profit. Which is still under my £12300 CGT allowance and loose my £2000 loss. I have noticed on here that both scenarios have been said are correct by HMRC agents..... Are the answers provided on this forum by HMRC employees.... So accurate...