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  • RE: US Government Bond Taxation

    Hi Admin 20 Thank you for your response. I have seen this response from HMRC before in these forums. This is not accurate and hence giving wrong information to tax payer about US government bonds T bills are one type of US government bonds Not all US government bonds are Tbills Tbills are US government bonds with less than 1 year maturity, they are issued at discount and with zero coupon, so your answer is accurate here that return is paid at maturity and taxed as income. I understand that. However, US government bonds with maturities longer than 1 year are issued at par with coupons and they pay interest every 6 months. They are not TBILLS! They are issued at par, they cant be DDS! I am asking about US government bonds and NOT TBILLS. My specific question: There is a US government bond with maturity of May 2030 with coupon of 0.625% that was issued in 2020 at 100(par). I bought it today at 80. The coupon of 0.625% is taxed as income. I understand Specific questions: 1) How does HMRC tax the difference between where I bought it (80) vs where I sell it? 2) How does HMRC tax the difference between where I bought it (80) vs at maturity? (some taxpayers imply in their posts there is a difference maturity vs a sale) Thank you so much for clarifying this Kind regards
  • RE: US government bond

    I bought US government bond with coupon of 0.625% , maturity of 15 May 2030, issued at 100 in 2020 but I bought it at 80 today. Does that count as DDS?
  • US Government Bond Taxation

    How to treat US Government Bond gains and income