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  • RE: Self Assessment Necessary if 2nd income is below £1000

    So does that mean I need to do a self assessment? My regular wages are automatically taxed.
  • Self Assessment Necessary if 2nd income is below £1000

    Hi, so I'm currently full-time employed earning £30K, but since Nov 2023 - March 2024 I have been doing some freelance work for another company (same type of work but not the same employer). I looked at the total earnings for that freelance work and it came down to £747 in total in those 4 months. I know that the limit is £1000 but I was wondering if that's including my current full-time job or if that doesn't factor into it anyhow. I did the online eligibility quiz with the notion that it's separate and it's currently saying I don't need to do a self-assessment but just figured I should ask in case I should be thinking about my full-time earnings too. (They are of course automatically taxed.)
  • Unable to submit a self assessment. Do I owe tax?

    Hello, I've recently started to do some freelance work (alongside my full time job). I started it last November and since then a lot of the tax related procedures slipped my mind. I realised that I may have missed a deadline in Jan and so as a result I went online and registered and also applied for my UTR number (which I recently received in the post) and figured I should do my self assessment before I miss any more deadlines (I'm fully expecting to pay a penalty on the one I missed in January). However whenever I log in to my self assessment page it keeps telling me I have nothing to pay. I took the quiz to find out if I needed to do a self assessment and it keeps asking if I earned over a £1000 from April 2022/23. Of course the answer was no because I only started freelance in November 2023. So I'm confused now. Why isn't it asking me about anything after April 2023/24? Do I need to complete a self assessment? If so then how do I go about doing it as the website seems very determined on keeping me from submitted one. I don't want to accumalted any further penalties and I realise the longer I leave this the more that sum will increase.
  • Should I request a zero hour contract for my second job?

    So I'm currently employed full-time at my new job. But my old company has asked if I would still be available for some freelance work on the side. The work would come about twice or maybe three times in the month and at average each job would take around 5 hours. And that's not always a guarantee. There may be some months where there's no work. But it's good to be able to make a few extra pounds on the side. So I was wondering if it was worth asking my old employers if I could be put on a zero hours contract. I don't want to get into the mess of doing all the tax work and I would rather it was sent to me as a PAYE payment rather than me having to sort out all of that before all the deadlines. I'm of course very new to this so wondered if I was even allowed to do this legally and if so am I making the right choice? Also would I need to do anything further or would my old employers take care of that once they put me on that contract? I understand that these are all probably very naive/silly questions so please go easy on me in your replies. Thakns!