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  • Payments on Account

    Morning, First time i've done a SA, and have come back with income over £1000. This incurs the requirement of having to honour 'Payments on account'. So, for example, My calculated tax is £1500 for tax year 21 to 22. My payment on accounts are 750 twice. Why is the HMRC asking me to pay an additional year of tax? I don't really understand why i have to pay another years worth of tax as 'Payment on accounts'? Is this a law of some kind? Can i rebute it? And how do they calculate the amount needed for Payments on Accounts? Thanks
  • Identification Validation

    Hi, I am trying to validate my identity to register for self-assessment. I've been locked out of trying to validate my identity for 24 hours now. But each attempt i've used with my driver's license and passport failed stating that HMRC could not confirm the information I put it. How do i get past this as literally no-one on the phone or webchats are helping. Thanks,