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  • Missing Years- buying back only some years- How to identify the payment to HMRC

    I want to make payment(s) for missing years. However I do not want to pay all the missing years. I sent the form CF83 in February 2023, completing the direct debit form to enable HMRC to deduct the payment from my UK bank account. I received a letter to say I should make the payment manually from my online banking. However when I make the payment how do I inform HMRC exactly which years the payments are for? The reason is the increase in pension from buying back missing years is not equal. As an example if I buyback 2017 my pension will only increase by £8 per year so spending over £800 is pointless. Some of the years have equal prices to buy back but do not have equal increase in my pension so I do not want the payment I send to HMRC being applied to years that bring me virtually no increase in my pension
  • RE: Payment of shortfall in NI contributionfor several years

    Hi I have the option to buy back missing years and I sent off the form indicating which years I wanted to pay and the direct debit mandate in February 2023. A letter was sent to me in December 2023 but I never received it. I called last week and was told that essentially the payment for my missing years could no longer be collected by Direct Debit and that I would need to pay by bank transfer. Not all of the years I buyback will have the same increase in my pension so I do not want to buy back all of the years. The last year costs circa 800 GBP and only increases my pension by less than £1 per week so I do not wish to pay that year My question is if I make a payment by bank transfer how will you know which years I want to buyback (I don't want to buy them all). The final year has the same price as other years so it will not be evident which year I want to buyback just from the amount I send. Also how long will it take for this payments to reflect in my online Pension forecast?