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  • Payments on Account

    Hi I've made payments on account last year, do I need to deduct the payments on account I made last year in the self assessment for this year (2021/2022)? If so, in which section should I deduct/fill in in my self assessment? Thanks
  • ShareMatch vesting

    Hi I've got ShareMatch vesting from my employer's Share Scheme, and which has been Sell to Cover any Tax Withholding. As understood from "HS305 Employment-related shares and securities - further guidance (2020)", since the vesting has been taxed by the UK, so I don't need to report to HMRC in my self assessment, is my understanding correct? Thanks
  • Bonus

    Hi I moved to the UK on 18 October 2020. I have been working remotely for a Hong Kong company, until 26 October 2021, the company transferred my post to the UK. I received a bonus on 23 Mar 2022 for the period I've worked for HK position (1 Jan 2021 to 26 Oct 2021), and part of the bonus have been withhold for Hong Kong tax clearance purposes, which have been released on 28 Apr 2022 1. How should I declare the bonus? As it is for 1 Jan 2021 to 26 Oct 2021 2. The withhold bonus released on 28 Apr 2022, is that count to next tax year?