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  • New Tax Statement - unexpectedly?

    Hey guys, I filed my self assessment taxes on 6th April and there was some messing around with HMRC asking for payments on account - anyway, that got solved but I just received an email saying I have a new tax statement, and it's saying there's over £800 "overdue" for 20/21 & 21/22, despite me having paid that last year? It also says the statement date is March 2023. So how come I've only just received the notification? What's going on? Do I now owe £800 or not?
  • RE: First payment on account for 2024-25

    Just found out I can't even set up a payment plan. Guys I work alongside a full-time job to earn extra money to repay debt and to cover bills - why is this so hard? This is so stressful, I don't have thousands of pounds sitting around to pay the taxes on my income from last year PLUS the income you (incorrectly) reckon I'll earn this year. I use that money to pay debts and bills. I have no issue paying the tax on income I've earned (last year), but am not up for paying made-up tax for the year ahead. I can't afford that much money, for one. I can't afford to pay this bill which has been doubled for no reason. Please fix this??
  • RE: First payment on account for 2024-25

    I would really appreciate any answers.
  • First payment on account for 2024-25

    Hey guys, I just finished submitting my self-assessment for 2023/24. I use the money earned working alongside a full time job to be able to cover debt and bill repayments. I usually file as soon as I can, and pay the tax back monthly. This year, the "Total amount due for 2023-24" seemed fine, high but expected, but it's also added an additional payment of 50% for "First payment on account for 2024-25" and another additional payment of another 50% for "Second payment on account for 2024-25" due by Jan 31 2025 and Jul 31 2025 respectively. I simply can't afford that. I don't know where that figure came from, and my self-employed income fluctuates hugely year on year. I can't afford these two extra payments, which in effect double my bill this year. I can't afford to pay that, and I don't understand where it's come from. Please sort this out?