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  • Canadian RRSP income

    Hi Can anyone give advice as to the most acceptable way of submitting Canadian RRSP and Social Security income for self assessment. Official NR4 documents are issued for each, giving the annual sums for these, however the Canadian tax year is Jan 1st to Dec31st, thus using these sums for UK tax purposes will not be accurate. In addition, the RRSP amounts are received in the UK in 2 tranches with actual exchange rates provided, but again, added together, these do not represent the periiod April to April. Using the NR4 values would, over the years, be the most accurate way, even though each annual self assessment submission will not give a true picture, but is this acceptable to HMRC. I would sincerely appreciate if anyone is haveing a similar problem and could provide help. Kotopaxi.
  • Gov.UK web Guidance

    Would someone kindly provide guidance for me to access HMRC self assessment payments submitted on the gov.UK website. I used to be able to access this without any problems but for some reason I'm sure the web pages have been changed as I've searched for hours and am getting nowhere. All I can find is an overview of my taxation position which is of little help for what I'm loking for. Many thanks.