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  • SA 109

    Dear HMRC, I have been a UK resident since Dec 2022, before that as non-UK resident in Hong Kong. Therefore I like to submit SA109 for applying Split Year Treatment. I like to ask can I fill SA109 online during filling the online HMRC self assessment? or should be in paper form? Thank you very much PN
  • My name is incorrectly printed on HMRC's letters

    Dear HMRC, I have registered self-assessment online and received two letters from HMRC, one told me the UTR and the other reminded me to fill in Tax Return. On both letters, two words "Not Known" were placed in front of my full name (e.g. "Anna Prichard", was printed as "Not Known Anna Prichard". ) How can I correct my name? Thank you in advance
  • Not Receiving Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR)

    I did the online Register for Self Assessment and Class 2 National Insurance through a business tax account on 27 July 2022. The last online page on the computer screen stated that my "registration application was successfully submitted at 27 July 2022, 16:07:39". And an acknowledgment reference is also shown on the page. I expect I can receive the UTR within 10 days, but up to now over 10 days. I have not received anything. What is the problem and what can I do? Thank you
  • RE: Register a personal tax account for self employment

    Hi, I came to the UK in Dec 2021 from Hong Kong, and have become a UK resident. I have no any UK tie before the arrival. I had been a freelance environmental scientist in Hong Kong for many years, and of course all the clients are located in Hong Kong. After my arrival and get a home in UK, I continue to work on those projects not yet completed, i.e. I still earning those Hong Kong dollars. Under this situation, is this still considered as UK self-employment? or as foreign income? If counted as UK self-employment, what exchange rate accepted by HMRC to convert those HK dollars to GB pounds, as the money not always transferred to my UK bank account, but stay in Hong Kong account. Thank you