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  • Declaration of Redundancy Payment on Self Assessment

    Hi! I'm having some issues reporting a Redundancy Payment on my 22-23 return. The payment is in relation to a ceased employment that ended due to company insolvency in 21-22 tax year. The redundancy claim was then paid in 22-23 tax year by the Redundancy Payments Office (RPO). Normally any PAYE payments I have received appear automatically in the Self Assessment and I'm able to confirm them. This hasn't been the case with the Redundancy payment. The PAYE entry from the Redundancy Payments Office is, however, showing correctly in my PAYE Income Tax overview, but just doesn't populate on the Self Assessment. Should I enter this manually as an "EMPLOYMENT" with the RPO's PAYE Number, etc? It's worth mentioning the redundancy payment was below the £30k limit but ALSO included payments for: Arrears of Wages Holiday Pay Loss of Notice pay which I'm aware are taxable, but all tax was deducted at source via. PAYE anyway. I'm just double checking as I assume all these figures should still be included on my Self Assessment despite no extra tax liability actually being due from me. Thanks for your help!