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  • RE: Return for repair to the EU

    Hi This was actually the 3rd courier I've tried to perform this task with from the list of customs agents on this page:- I started at the top and made my way down until I found the first positive response of "yes we can do that", but it turned out they couldn't do it, and instead they simply sent it via CPC code 40 00 000 and left me to sort out the mess. The second courier attempt did the same. This third courier (I would say the largest pallet carrier in the UK) actually came back to me with the issues I raised. The HMRC helpdesk was no help, all he could do was read the same sentence over and over. Finally, the Department for International Trade state that 21 00 004 should not be used for repairs where there is a cost, i.e. not under warranty, which sort of leaves me with a chicken and egg situation where the repair is expected to be under warranty, but subsequently turns out to be chargeable, but we've already made the export under 21 00 004. I believe this is a situation where on paper the answer is yes, but neither HMRC or any couriers have physically got an agreed documented process that can be followed to achieve the 3 times in a rolling year authorisation.
  • Return for repair to the EU

    Hi I'm struggling to return an item to Europe for repairs. I'm trying to use the suggested CPC codes of 21 00 000 at export and reimport of 61 21 000. The problem I am having, is that the courier is informing me that according to their guidance on this code, I have to have full outward processing with prior approval. I have pointed out that on this page:- is the "Authorisation by declaration" section, that states we can use this type of authorisation up to 3 times in a rolling year. The courier states that this is false, and is not covered in the guidance. I tried calling the Customs and International trade helpline on 0300 322 9434, but the agent there could offer no help, except to read the same statement over and over again from that webpage I linked above. I'm now stuck, is there anyone who knows exactly what it is I need to be asking the couriers for in order to achieve the return without the need for prior approval? Thanks.