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  • Losses and adjustments

    After selling a FHL I have a CGT gain of £40000 that I want to claim BAD relief on. I also have £3000 share losses in the same year and £5000 (box 27) share losses in the previous year (box 45) . I have read the help notes for the losses and adjustments section of the CGT forms, but still need clarification. 1. In box 50 (Gains qualifying for BAD relief) do I put the gain of 40000 or is it my gain minus my losses, so £32000? 2. In box 50.1 (Lifetime allowance) since I have no previous claims do I put the gain of £40000 or is it my gain minus my losses, so £32000? 3. In box 51 (Adjustment to CGT) do I put my total losses of £8000?
  • Foreign income

    I was starting to do my self assessment, but I am getting an error message saying that I have foreign income when choosing which forms I need to fill in. Is there a way I can query what this foreign income is as I am not aware that I have any.
  • Business Asset Disposal Relief

    I have recently sold my FHL and want to claim Business Asset Disposal Relief. When I bought the property it was a shop with no kitchen or inside toilet, and required converting to residential. When working out the gain, can I deduct the purchase and sale legal fees from the gain, and can I deduct any costs associated with the creation of a bathroom and kitchen?