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  • question on State Pension forecast

    Hi, I've been unable to get through to speak to someone on the Future Pension Service helpline (0800 731 0181) so thought I'd try posting my question here instead : On checking my State Pension forecast on Gov.UK, it shows I have 33 years of full contributions, and "£203 is the most you can get. You cannot improve your forecast any more." However I read elsewhere on Gov.UK that it may need 35 full years to get a full State Pension : should I be concerned that I only have 33 ? Or is the 'you cannot improve your forecast' a reliable indicator that I have already qualified for a full State Pension ? ( If it's relevant, all but one of my Full years are before 2016 when the new State pension scheme came into effect, and my partial/zero-contrib years are all either very recent ( 2017 - 2023 ) or very long ago ( 1996 - 98 , 1986-87 ) Thanks for any pointers you can provide.