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  • The VAT Threshold

    I run a LTD company. An individual from the EU performed services for me on the basis of a signed contract for specific work. Does the value of such a service count towards the VAT UK registration threshold? I will be grateful for your response.
  • Import of goods below 135 GBP on reverse charge

    Hi I have a foreign company. I am importing goods below £135 to a warehouse in the UK. I settle such a purchase on a reverse charge basis in the UK. I have a lot of such invoices, and my accounting program does not have the option to select "reverse charge" en masse for each invoice. Single marking takes a lot of time. Can I book these invoices with 0% VAT and then manually correct the VAT Return declaration to include output VAT and input VAT (reverse charge mechanism) on such transactions? I will be grateful for your response
  • RE: Buying and selling outside the UK

    Hi, Thank you for your answers. I can identify the sale of these goods. Unfortunately, I cannot identify the purchase. Goods are bought in bulk and then sold to different countries. Should I include the entire amount of purchases in box 7 or may it not include these purchases because they were made outside the UK?
  • RE: Buying and selling outside the UK

    Hi Thank you for your answers. If, as a LTD company, I buy goods outside the UK but sell some of them from outside the UK to UK customers, should I include such a purchase for VAT Return in box7? Unfortunately, I don't know how to separate the purchase of goods that are sold to the UK from those that are sold to other countries, because I buy goods wholesale. In this situation, can I place the entire purchase of goods in box7 (net value)?
  • Buying and selling outside the UK

    The LTD company buys goods in an EU country and sells them to other EU countries (these goods have never been in the UK). This purchase of goods in the accounting program is booked with 0% VAT. Can such a purchase of goods be included in the VAT Return in box 7? I will be grateful for your response.
  • Reverse charge when supplier and buyer are not subject to VAT

    My company LTD is not registered for VAT. I received an invoice for the purchase of services from an EU company that is also not registered for VAT in its country. The place of supply of services is the UK. Does such an invoice count towards taxabe turnover in the UK?
  • VAT Return adjustment after deregistration from VAT UK

    The LTD company has been deregistered from VAT UK as the company is closing. However, it turned out that one cost invoice was not included in the final VAT Return. If we sent a correction, HMRC would owe the company the amount of input VAT. The company is due to close on 30/11/2022, for this reason the company no longer has bank accounts to which the return could come. Does the correction of the final VAT Return have to be submitted to HMRC in this situation? I will be grateful for your response.
  • VAT invoice issued two months before the delivery

    How many days in advance can a VAT invoice be issued before the goods are delivered to the customer? If the invoice is issued two months earlier, does the date of its issue count as the tax point? I will be grateful for your response.
  • Invoice for the service from a private person and VAT

    I run a LTD company. I received an invoice for the purchase of services from a private individual from Italy. This person issues invoices, but does not have a business. Should I post such an invoice with 0% VAT UK?
  • RE: Change of legal entitiy-Partnership to Limited Company

    Hi, I have a question related to this topic. Is it currently possible to carry out a change of legal entity and keep the same VAT number online? Or only by sending VAT68 and VAT1 applications by post? With the online deregistration of a company connected to the MTD, it is no longer possible to mark a change of legal entity. Is it possible to do this via the online VAT UK registration form?