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  • Legal Inquiries Regarding paying taxes with Wise & PayPal Business Account

    Hello, I have questions regarding PayPal business account for my LTD UK company. First, I am a non-resident from Morocco so I can't open a physical bank account for my LTD which leads me to open a Wise bank account and PayPal Business Account for my business. The problem is PayPal no longer accepts money transfer services such as Wise, Payoneer, etc I asked them and they told me to have a Visa card from my local bank and link it to my account However, as this is a business I have 2 questions: 1/ Can I pay taxes and fees using Wise and PayPal to HMRC? 2/ If I retrieved cash from PayPal to my local Visa card, Is this withdrawn money considered 'untaxed income' and should I declare it in Self-Assessment tax return, or it is illegal to do that? Thanks in advance and please If you have more info regarding this subject for non-residents let me know.