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  • RE: NI Class 3 voluntary contribution 18 digit reference number

    RealityCheck thank you sooo much re the online chat to an advisor. Got another 18 reference number as although the 2nd to 7th digits changed for the new amount the last digit changed also from a zero to a 1 So YES you do need a new 18 digit reference number to anyone needing to know!
  • RE: 18 digits reference number of volunteer NI contributions

    Now I'm confused, in this thread HMRC Admin don't advise re-using the same 18 digit reference number!? Whereas on another thread the HMRC Admin says you can use it again as it's unique to you! I understand after the 60 the next 5 digits are the amount you're paying followed by your NI number 6 digits rearranged, then another 5 digits which represent I know not what? So can I make another payment or not substituting the 5 digits after 60 with a different amount to pay another voluntary contribution for another year? My first was for 2016/17 the next would be for 2020/21. If only this sort of information was available online, it would help alleviate the amount of phone calls I'm sure! Here's hoping for a quick reply from HMRC Admin 🤔