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  • Transfer of Residence Relief (TOR)

    My husband has applied BNO Visa recently, together with me as his wife and our daughter of 8 both as dependents, and has been successfully. Upon receipt of the approval, we find that my husband and I have been granted separate visas (Note: I have valid BNO status as well). In this regard, may I be advised that: (1) can we apply separate TOR if we enter the UK in different times, say 2 years' difference; and (2) when applying the citizenship after 5 years with all the requirement fulfilled, can my husband together with our daughter apply separately with me as well. Many thanks.
  • Capital Gain Tax Payable

    I have applied BNO visa from Hong Kong with my husband and son both as the dependents and had subsequently been successful. My son and I will go to the UK in Jan 2023 while my husband will stay in Hong Kong for business reason till Jan 2025. I have co-owned a flat with my husband in Hong Kong since Jan 2000 which is the main and only residence for my whole family. If my husband still live there till Jan 2025 after my departure to the UK in Jan 2023 as mentioned above and then sells it at a price more than that we bought in Jan 2000, then am I or my husband still subject to capital gain tax? If so, how it will be calculated? Many thanks.