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  • Self Assessment and SA109 form necessity

    Hi HMRC, I landed UK on Sept 2021 and need to make Self Assessment to report taxable income after landed. I planned to report tax by arising basis. In this forum I read some agent reply income before arrived UK do not need to report. Is it necessary to submit SA109 form? I will submit the following for investment dividend, interest and capital gain. SA100, SA101 Investment interest & dividend SA106, Foreign Income SA108, Capital Gains Is that correct? Thank you. Regards, k
  • RE: Transfer asset to UK and Capital gain

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. Follow up to the question. Is that correct if I dispose the asset after 183 day I landed to UK, the amount will be liable to Capital Gains otherwise not? Regards, 
  • RE: Transfer asset to UK and Capital gain

    Hi HMRC, Thanks for reply. I read thru the guide but not describe my case. The Capital Gain generated due to transfer asset to UK instead of leave it outside UK. It happen within two months I landed. If this action generate Capital Gain, do I need pay for capital gain tax? Thank you. Regards, ka
  • Transfer asset to UK and Capital gain

    Hi HMRC, I arrived UK in Sep 2021. In order to transfer asset to UK, I sold my equity (Stock) investment in Oct and Nov 2021 and remit to UK. The equity generated Capital Gain after sold. I planned to file Self Assessment by arising basis. Do I need to report the gain as CGT by from SA108? If needed, is it I calculate the Capital Gain since the date I arrived UK? Thank you. Regards,ka
  • Self Assessment as limited company owner

    Hi HMRC, I own a Limited Company and receive foreign stock dividend. I do not received any income from the company and there are some expenses for the company to claims only. How should I register for Self Assessment? Should I create separate Self Assessment account for my company to register corporate tax and Self Assessment account for my own for foreign stock dividend or other income? Thank you. Regards, ka
  • Dividend from foreign country stock market

    Hi HMRC, I received equity (stock) dividend from foreign company (US, Singapore, Hong Kong) from my broker account in UK in form of foreign currency. The amount is over £2000. May I know do I need to declare them when fill in Self Assessment form? If needed, which form should I use? Thank you. Regards, kf
  • RE: REIT Dividend distribution form investment clarify

    Hi, Thank you for your reply. I have further question. 1. Can I deduct the expense generate the dividend? For example, transaction fee, margin loan interest (if any) ...etc 2. Will the dividend allowance will calculate by HMRC after I declare or I should deduct the allowance before declare it? Thank you. Regards, kf
  • REIT Dividend distribution form investment clarify

    Hi HMRC, I will receive foreign REIT dividend distribution soon. The dividend will comprise two components: 1. Distribution out of income (says, total amount is £100) 2. Distribution out of capital. (says, total amount is £80) May I know if I need declare dividend is £100 (income only) or £ £180 (income + capital)? Reason to ask this question, capital is part of amount on my investment. It does not any kind of income. Thank you. Regards, kf
  • Dividend tax calculation

    Hi HRMC team, I take care my kids at home and jobless. I have certain amount of dividend received annually. Salary (income): £0 Dividend collect annually: £30,000 After deduct Dividend allowance £2000 and personal allowance £12570 Tax to to pay : (£30000 - £2000 - £12570) x 7.5% = £1157.25 It that right? Thank you, Regards, kf
  • RE: Gift tax for cash gift from overseas

    Hi HRMC, I came to UK last Sept with BN(O) Visa, My mum in Hong Kong send me £4000 monthly as gift to support me to buy a house here. So annually is around £48000. Do I need to pay tax on the gift? Is it need declare it when file Self Assessment? Thank you.