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Posted Sat, 12 Aug 2023 18:41:00 GMT by princewmk Kisala
My company has been struggling with our current situation and as much as I believe there's a solution in AIS Platforms for declarations, I am still insure that the process can work perfectly even in the EU. We currently use FF and couriers like UPS and DHL to import and export our goods to the EU and ROW. Currently if its repairs that came under temp import or using CPC 51 00 000 IPR we still having charges after export "return after repairs" meaning duty/ Tax on the other side, meaning the courier used still asking this when the goods gets to the other country especially Czech Republic, Italy and Spain so according to the "Brexit Legal Guide" Retuned goods under temporary import for repairs should not suffer any duty/Tax on return or any fees when the goods in question are free of movement, so my question is why are those specific countries still charging our customers? if this rule applies to all countries in the trade Union (and I did check to be sure) is it the courier that are setting those fees with lack of knowledge of this loophole or are doing it for personal gain? providing my first question is a resounding YES then would using the AIS platforms a better option for declaration? and I can choose to use my own transportations to avoid these crazy costs? lastly would you recommend the best AIS platform to use for declaration working in the EU and ROW? I have used Blu-J and Destin8 before but Blu-J seem to be gone into something completely different now. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks
Posted Mon, 14 Aug 2023 16:10:03 GMT by Customs oldtimer
Hi Goods being returned to the EU after repairs can be imported duty free but only if the cost of repair is covered by a guarantee , but is is not something that is automatically applied. Whist this duty free import is mentioned in the trade agreement it is left to the signatories to enact this in local legislation. Both the EU and UK have chosen to enact this by use of special procedures . So there is still a need to use the customs procedures such as the eu exporter /reimporter using outward processing where the goods have been repaired. In the case of a temporary export, returned goods relief needs to be declared. Once goods have left the EU they lose their free circulation status . So goods being returned are treated as new imports. The fast parcel carriers and other customs agents will therefore apply standard import procedures unless specifically requested otherwise . It is therefore down to the exporter/ importer to provide instructions to them if special procedures apply. Also as a point of note temporary import should not be used for goods imported with the intention of repairing them - inward processing should be used instead. In addition the Brexit legal guide is not an official publication .
Posted Wed, 16 Aug 2023 15:04:43 GMT by princewmk Kisala
Thank you @CustomsOldTimer 😊 Would you be able to provide clarity on my email about the AIS platform?
Posted Fri, 18 Aug 2023 18:08:51 GMT by Customs oldtimer
Of course customs declarations can be automated using software . The courier or customs agent will almost certainly be using this software. You also have to bear in mind that each EU country has different customs reporting requirements and procedures. Unfortunately this HMRC forum is not the place to ask for software advice. HMRC will never give recommendations nor I suspect will they allow the forum to be used for commercial suggestions. UK As previously advised you cannot expect a customs broker to declare the goods how you want unless you tell them explicitly.
Posted Tue, 22 Aug 2023 14:34:36 GMT by sunil makim
Customs Imports into the EU require Approved Licenced Users in every EU Country unlike the UK. I suspect that unless you are a authorised user with link to EU Customs process for each of the concerned countries through softwares , that link to each country , you or the companies you are repairing equipment for, you will have to use a local Customs Agent. So imports and subsequent Exports into the UK and out of the UK , you can use AIS platforms , and there are many that are easy to use. Ensure that you have authority for Inward Processing Relief for repairs etc... Sunil MakimLinked In
Posted Wed, 23 Aug 2023 10:59:53 GMT by HMRC Admin 20
Hi princewmk Kisala, 

Trader should speak to customs authorities in the importing county to offer clarification as why re-importing goods incurring customs charges or if they can claim a relief.
As custom charges are imposed by the importing country it is out of our remit to offer advice and we are unable to suggest which system or software traders should use for declarations. 
List of customs software providers available on
Software developers providing customs declaration software

Thank you.


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