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  • Foreign Tax on UK income - UK self assessment

    Hi. I have paid tax in Australia on a UK pension. I'm trying to fill in my UK tax self assessment but I am not sure how to put this in into the return. (Unfortunately I've managed to become a dual resident this year.) If I put it under foreign income the pension is counted twice. It is already in the UK income section. If I don't put it in then I won't get credit for it in the UK, I'll pay tax and I don't think that's what's intended in the DTA. I'm just not sure where to put it in the self assessment form, Any help gratefully received. Thanks
  • RE: Claiming Foreign Tax credit rate

    Pls ignore this. I think I understand better now - the tax rate used is that specified in the DTA with Australia and the UK, 10% for interest, 15% for dividends. Thanks
  • Claiming Foreign Tax credit rate

    Hi All I’m trying to fill in the foreign tax section of the HMRC online tax return. When I choose Yes in “Do you wish to claim foreign tax credit relief?” I have to chose a % tax rate. I know the amount of tax payable in Australia but to get the % what Income amount do I use ? It might be easier to state some numbers to see what I mean. Assume (not accurate): 8k Australian earned income 5k Australian franking credits on dividends 7k UK income taxable in Australia and UK 35k UK income taxable in Australia but not in UK (pension lump sum) -30k pension contribution in Australia (Also complicating matters in the tax free threshold in Australia of 9k which I think I ignore) My net taxable income (on which I pay tax) in Australia would be 25k (8+5+7+35-30). Is this the amount to use as income in calculating the foreign tax credit % ? So if I pay 5k tax in Australia, the % is 20% ?? Or do I ignore all of the UK income, or the UK non taxable income ? Also, when filling out the section there is a field “Foreign tax taken off or paid: (optional)”. Do I put the tax paid against the particular income in here (as well as in the foreign tax credit area) ? Thanks for any help Ellen