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  • RE:Tax Relief on Professional Fees


    In the employment section of the return you will be presented with a question asking if you wish to claim any expenses, this is after entering your pay and tax details. 

    When you select yes, this will open up more boxes for you, including the box to enter your professional subscriptions. 

    This has not changed from previous years. 

    Thank You.
  • RE: Non-resident landlord


    Thanks for your question. 

    You will need to call our Non Resident Landlords Team to advise the correct action to take. 

    If you are calling from abroad, their number is +44 3000 516644.  If calling from the UK, the number is 03000 516644.
  • RE: Claimable expenses during repairs


    Thanks for your question. 

    You would not be entitled to claim any of the improvement work as expenses because they do not meet the 'Wholly & excusively' rule. 

    Please see the following link for further guidance on this.

    Property Income Manual

  • RE: Foreign Capital Loss Dividend Income and money transferred to the UK


    You would report this in your tax return in the capital gains section of the return. 

    The losses incurred in a year are set off against any gains in the year.  You can then carry the losses forward to be offset against future gains. 

    No evidence is needs of the disposals other than computations of the calculation. 

    Thank You.
  • RE: CGT

    Yes, you would treat the disposal as Capital gains and you will need to ensure that you report and pay an liablility due within 30 days of the completion date.

    Report and pay Capital Gains Tax on UK property

    Thank You.
  • RE: Query about where to file annuity income


    Because this is a foreign policy and not quite equal to the same terms as UK policies it is a bit more difficult to gauge where to enter the details on the foreign section. 

    You had previously mentioned it was paid as a 'pension' to you which is why the pension section was suggested. 

    Based on the information you have, which is more than the detail that I have - then enter the details into the interest and savings section on the foreign pages of the return. 

    Thank You.
  • RE: Do I need to pay tax when I sell out the oversea property.

    If you are UK resident for tax purposes, then any income you receive from abroad such as rental income would need to be declared to ourselves unless you are claiming the remittance basis. 

    Please see Tax on foreign income 

    Thank You.
  • RE: NatWest rewards and PPI


    Yes, this updated information may make a difference then. 

    All of your income is added together on your tax return to decide the rates of tax that you will pay, how much of your income you will pay tax on and your total tax bill. 

    This is then compared to the tax already deducted from all sources.  If you have paid over the amount due, you are then entitled to a refund - if less than you will owe some tax. 

    This page on may help you work out why the repayment you received was less than you expected Income Tax rates and Personal Allowances

    Thank You.
  • RE: Hs304 claim and residency certificate


    You would enter the pension details on the return as normal and as long as you have declared this to France then you would complete the HS304 with the amount that is excempt from UK tax as per the HS304 Guidance.

    You do not need to wait for the tax bill to come in. You will need to apportion the pension amount though if you only started declaring this from Jan for example rather than our full tax year.

    If you need to amend the return after the October deadline, this is possible. 

    Thank You.
  • RE: How soon to expect postal tax return response?

    Hello Dianne. 

    Paper tax returns usually take a few months to process, but these timescales can vary based on staff availability/workloads. 

    Once your return is processed, you would normally expect to get your SA302 Tax Calculation within a few weeks of this or a letter advising you that return was not fully complete/insufficient, if this were to be the case. 

    I can only advise that your return will be processed by 31st December at the latest.  If you wish to confirm that we have received your return/be given a timescale for it to be processed, then you can contact our Self-Assessment department -

    Self Assessment: general enquiries

    Thank You.