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  • Payroll BIK and tax codes

    I use salary sacrifice for financing my car lease. The BIK tax is payrolled (we no longer get P11D). However, my tax code has been adjusted to include the BIK tax. Is this not taxing me twice for the same thing?
  • PAYE Tax summary missing income tax paid through pension

    When looking at my "Your PAYE income tax summary" on the HMRC App or website, it underreports both my income and income tax as it excludes what I pay through my pension which I am in receipt of. Why is this excluded here but included when I look at my income elsewhere in the app (eg "annual tax summary"). It should be the same.
  • RE: Calculation of adjusted net income - conflicting guidance

    Thank, that's very clear. It's just a shame there's so much "advice" on here,on other posts, which doesn't seem to get that distinction correct.
  • Calculation of adjusted net income - conflicting guidance

    I am trying to calculate my adjusted net income. However, despite reviewing the regulations and HMRC guidance I find there are two versions of the calculation. Firstly at: It does not mention adding employer pension contributions to the total. However at: It states you must add your employer pension contributions. Are these 2 different net incomes? 1. As an example if my salary were £100,000 gross (assuming zero personal pension contributions) and my employer made pension contribution of £20,000, is my adjusted net income for the purpose of personal allowance £100k or £120k? And for tapered allowance is my net income £100k or £120k? 2. I receive a £1000 dividend (inside dividend allowance). Is this included in my adjusted net income in either case? (Personal allowance or tapered allowance calculation)? 3. Can I see my adjusted net income calculation from previous tax years?