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  • RE: Paper version of SA100

    @HMRC, this does not address the issue of the fact you will not send them registered email, and in some countries, Like Thailand for example, I never receive them so then get a fine!! 1) Why can we not fill online if abroad, when if UK resident you can fill online? 2) Why is it impossible to speak to anyone on phone and have to listen to recorded message saying advice is available online, then after 5 minutes on international call listening to this to either then get cut off or on hold 30 minutes then get cut off? I would not be trying to call if the info I needed was online. Its impossible to speak to anyone about a late payment fine.
  • RE: SA for Non uk residents

    I also raised a formal complaint which is supposed to be replied to within 15 days. Still waiting for response.
  • RE: Paper version of SA100

    I am also in same situation and tried calling and was on hold or going ion circles for 3 hours, 4 calls were dropped due to technical issue. Even if they send it I will not receive it due to Thai post being rubbish and HMRC will not send via registered mail. I fail to understand why we cannot do SA online, I now have £1600 in fines including late payment and this is from 2021/2 even though I sent appeal via registered mail. I don't even pay bloody tax but I have to do SA due to letting a flat out.
  • SA for Non uk residents

    1) Why is it not allowed for non residents to do online SA? 2) It says on site I have to call to order SA100 although I can download SA105 and SA109, why not SA100? There is a ref form which looks identical. 3) It states I have to call to order one, now this has to be a joke? It is practically impossible to speak with anyone as I have spent over 3 hours on international calls going round in circles, then eventually either getting cut off saying we cannot help you, or wait 30 mins then it says " there is a technical fault" and call drops. 3) I was previously fined due to not even receiving the documents as mail in Thailand is non existent and unless it is registered mail I will not get the forms and HMRC refuse to send registered so maybe someone can explain how I can get the form? 4) All of this is required just because I rent a property out, the income is below the tax allowance so the only tax I owe is for late penalty payments !!! This is a headache as it is impossible to actually speak to anyone.