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  • RE: MTD

    I checked HMRC for exemption and was advised they will advise later when to apply. Do I have to submit my request letter again etc.,
  • Rented Property

    One of my properties has become vacant - My daughter is finding property renting etc., difficult in london. I am able to allow my daughter to live in this property paying all the bills etc rent free until she finds a property of her own
  • MTD

    now pushed back to 2026. I submitted a letter for exemption last year and was advised to re apply nearer the date. How can we find out if the reasons listed for exemption qualify
  • Travel Expenses for property Buseiness

    The travel allowance of 45p/mile doe not cover the visits I make to my properties each week.Can we pro rata the running expenses ofmy car in place of this allownce
  • Using a room in your house for the property Business

    I was involved in a recent webinair for landlord expenses for renting property and one of the questions was can a claim be amde for using a room in your house/study etc., to run yourproperty business. The response from HMRC waqs that yes you can but only a proportionate amount of the house running costs. I just wish to check is this really possible, its the first time I know about this
  • Replacment of Damaged garden shed

    In which area/box for expenses does this expense entered ie., repairs and maintenance?
  • RE: Rental income

    I have a family of badgers which as made a set within the garden of the property. The east surrey badger trust will accdess the nproblem and hopefully remove them. Once this is done can I claim expenses for my gardener to repair all the damage caused and fill in the set
  • RE: Rental income

    When my tenant leaves at the end of their tenancy can I claim for replacement of carpets and redecoration of rooms etc.,
  • RE: Rental income

    Travel expenses - the allowance of 45p/mile does not cover my travel expenses, can I prorata the running costs such as road tax/ insurance/ services charges/MOT/ repairs etc., for my properties