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  • CGT vs Dividends on accumulation units with partial disposal

    Hi there I have a general investment account and own some accumulation units in a single mutual fund - I made a partial disposal at the start of this tax year (12/4/2023). I'm unclear as to whether I will receive any dividends this year for the units in the partial disposal - I want to get clarity on this before the end of the tax year so that I can calculate any potential capital gains implications of further disposals. The partial disposal (12/4/2023) happened between the ex-dividend date for this year's dividends (01/11/2023) and the previous ex-dividend date (01/11/2022). (all 3 purchases happened before the previous ex-dividend date, so all are classed as group 1 and entitled to full dividend this year / no equalisation) My original assumption was that I wouldn't receive any dividends for the units disposed of, so I can just multiply the dividend rate by remaining units I hold to calculate the amount of dividends I will get - is that correct? Thanks!