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  • Change address of moving home

    Dear HMRC staff, Since I filed my return 2022/23 on Apr 2023 with my current address already, if I will move home later on, I have 2 questions to ask as below in both submission method: 1. If I submitted my tax return 22/23 already on Apr 2023 through HMRC website, since other figures and details remain the same, do I need to amend again by only updating my new address in whole self-assessment return 2022/23? Or just update the address in personal detail in my personal tax account in HMRC portal? 2. If my parents used 3rd party software to submit their tax return 22/23 already on Apr 2023, since other figures and details remain the same, do they need to amend their whole self-assessment return 2022/23 again through 3rd party software by only updating the new address? Or just update the address in personal detail in their personal tax account in HMRC portal? Thanks for advise.
  • Submit SA109 form

    Hello HMRC staff, My friend would like to submit SA109 in their first self-assessment. And I know we can only choose 3rd party software or paper form for submission. I would like to ask the question as below: 1. After register SA1 online, we will get UTR number by post, if we choose to send paper return by post, do we need to activate our self-assessment account online in HMRC portal (Personal tax account) before we post? Or just send the form by post which included NI and UTR number? 2. We found that the address BX9 1AS is not the actual postcode, we can’t find in royal mail database, could we send this address by using royal mail special delivery with signature? Will someone sign the delivery? 3. If we choose 3rd party software for first submission, will the IRMark (32 characters submitted reference number) and submission date display in HMRC portal (personal tax account)? Thanks for advise.
  • RE: SA 109

    Hi HMRC staff, Thanks for your information. Because I found that it can amend the tax return on HMRC website (it said that it can amend before 31 January 2024), If I would like to amend my tax return 2021-2022 by adding SA109 only, other figures and amount in SA100 and SA106 remain unchanged. Since I submitted my 2021-2022 very early on Apr 2022 and I needn’t pay tax because it is under personal allowance. And it is now Apr2023, so it passed one year already. Do I receive penalty/interest/surcharge if I make amendment now? Thanks for advise.
  • RE: SA 109

    Hello, Because SA109 can send by post only. I have some questions about SA109. 1. Could I fill the form SA100 online and then send SA109 by post separately after I filled SA100? 2. If I would like to submit SA109 for previous tax year (2021-2022), could I receive penalty because of late amend? 3. Is it compulsory to fill SA109 if I qualify for split year treatment? Or just tell HMRC in additional information box in SA100? 4. As I arrived in UK in June 2021, and I already informed Inland Revenue Department and got approval of tax clearance. Therefore, I paid remaining Hong Kong tax before coming to UK. And after that I don’t have any job yet in UK, do I still need to apply split year treatment by filling form SA109 (between April 2021 to June 2021) since I made tax clearance in Hong Kong in May 2021 already? Thanks for advise.
  • Cash gift from UK parents

    Hi HMRC Staff, My parents who live in UK and if they give me cash gift which is over £3,000 tax annual exemption. Should I need to declare the cash gift to HMRC in my self assessment tax return? Thanks for advise.