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  • SA109 - Submission method

    Hi HMRC Admin, Wish you are doing well. I would like to submit ONLINE self assessment due to I have foreign interest from overseas bank but I only became UK resident since 1st Aug 2022. I know that I will need to submit SA109 for split year treatment. But I am confused of what method I can submit SA109 correctly. For this case, if I submit ONLINE self assessment (I think it is called SA100), can I send SA109 by post separately? Or any other methods I can consider? Thanks and looking forward to your assistance. Best regards, Ray
  • RE: Foreign income

    Hi Admin, Wish you are doing well. Could you advise is below still valid for tax year 2022-23? But in case it is interest below £300 from overseas bank, will still need to do self assessment? I am an UK resident and had income from job in UK but it's less than the personal allowance during 2022-23. Quote A self assessment tax return is still required to declare any foreign income. The only exception is if it is dividends below £300. Unquote Thanks. 

    Name removed admin. 
  • Foreign interest from saving in other country

    Hi, It will be appreciated if you would assist for my question. I have been employed since Aug 2022, and I live in Manchester. I paid my income tax through PAYE already but I also have the foreign interest GBP 1588.00 from saving in other country. Because it is not over "untaxed foreign interest up to £2,000", so I am confused will I have to input it? Thanks. Ray