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  • RE: Paid Voluntary NI contributions - How long is updating of the online NI records taking?

    I wish to catch up with as many missing years contributions as possible since migrated to Australia in 2002 and at various periods have been either employed by Australian companies or self-employed since 2002. I understand I can do this via form CF83. I understand processing of forms is taking some time. It seems HMRC cannot tell me the exact amount to pay to fill the shortfall until I have a response to my form CF83 submission. Because of a relatively complex (and somewhat old, dating back to 2002) employment history overseas means that form processing and hence payment of shortfall might take some time. Can you please confirm that so-long as form CF83 is submitted to the best of my efforts and knowledge before the 5 April 2023 and that I have registration of HMRC receipt (eg via recorded delivery) then any subsequent clarification of information, and any subsequent payment even if after 5th April 2023 will not affect my entitlement to pay for this shortfall? Can you also please advise if you are an agent authorised to give me this information. Thanks Example of complexities: 1. I know the date I left the UK to the nearest 2 days 2. I don't have exact knowledge of the last NI contribution because my UK employer in 2002 looked after this, and I do not have access to the payslips 3. My multiple periods of employment and self-employment overseas might be inaccurate by a week or so. 4. My old UK employer now no longer exists 5. My Australian employer is part of a greater global organisation, which also has a UK companies (of which I am not employed). 6. I wish to make annual payments plus catch up with any shortfall