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  • RE: Self Assessment refund delays

    I ungderstand they need to check things but what I don’t understand is the random amount this mystery cheque was when the hmrc online account said I was due £1500 in a rebate from my PAYE job (this was before I entered the freelance jobs I had done in the year which I presume is why it’s £2000 now) where did the £300 go? Also the person on the chat wasn’t very helpful they wouldn’t tell me anything just kept saying they can’t divulge any info and if I phoned it would be the same. So basically I can’t know what’s happening with what at the end of the day is my money. Funny - hmrc are quick at letting you know when you owe them money but drag their heels when they owe you.
  • RE: Self Assessment refund delays

    I applied for a refund 30/01/23 made an enquiry today to be told it was cancelled but not given a reason - have applied online again for a repayment, . Was told I had received a cheque (never received this ) in July for an amount for about £1290 but my account shows I have £2072.70 in credit ???? Was also told now I have to wait 10 week s the hell!!?? It used to get paid pretty quickly .

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