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  • Capital gain no remitted

    Hi HMRC, For capital gain that is not remitted, do I need to fill the SA108 form? Or I just need to provide the details in SA109? Many thanks
  • Casual income for remittance basis filing

    Hi HMRC, I understand there is a allowance for casual income (freelance, part time job) of GBP1000. If I earn a casual income of less than GBP1000 in the UK, and I am filing tax on a remittance basis, do I need to file this casual income? If so, where should I put on the form? Many thanks
  • Tax reporting for income including salaries, interest and capital gain/loss for students

    Hi HMRC, May I check if the following understanding is correct? Income for 23/24 Summer job (3 weeks): GBP1500 (already deducted tax and NI automatically by the employer via Paye) Interest income: GBP100 from both UK and overseas bank accounts Capital gain from stock A: GBP100 Capital loss from stock B: GBP50 (but repurchased within 30 days and the holding is kept until now) A self assessment tax return filing is required despite the fact that my employer has already deducted tax via PAYE, and the total income is below the GBP12570 threshold. In the tax return, salaries, interest income and capital gain from securities A should be filed. For the capital loss of stock B, it should not be reported or filed as it was repurchased within 30 days. Many thanks
  • Tax return for student's tutoring and savings interest income

    Hi HMRC, For a student with tutoring income from both UK and overseas, and saving interest income, may I confirm the following understanding is correct? 1 Tutoring income less than GBP1000 No tax return reporting or declaration is required as it is within the casual income allowance limit. 2. Tutoring income more than GBP1000 but less than GBP2000 Report tax under self assessment. For UK tutoring income, put under self-employed For Overseas tutoring income, put under foreign income 3. Saving deposit No better what the amount is, report it in the self assessment form. Many thanks
  • CGT for share consolidation and bonus share

    Hi, I have 2 questions. 1. My shares were consolidated. For each 19 shares, it is now 15 shares, If the purchase price was GBP 1900 for the 19 shares, is it correct to adjust the purchase price to GBP 1900/15, i.e. 126.67 for the purpose of calculating capital gain tax? 2. I received 1 bonus share for each 10 shares owned. If the purchase price was GBP1000 for the 10 shares owned, is it correct to adjust the purchase price to GBP1000/11, i.e. 90.9 for the purchase of calculating capital gain tax. And for the 1 bonus share, it would be reported for tax purpose as dividend based on the share price of when the bonus share was announced? Many thanks