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  • RE: Foreign income

    Thanks for the reply earlier. I just realised that apart from dividends and interest generated in my bank accounts in Hong Kong, I also had some interest incomes (~£2,500) generated from my savings in the UK. As such, please advise which part of the self assessment tax return should I enter the UK savings interest? Many thanks again for your help.
  • Foreign income

    Hi, the only incomes I have for the tax year 2022-23 are interests from savings (~GBP3,400) and dividends from shares (~GBP1,600) kept in some banks in Hong Kong. I do not have to pay any tax on these incomes in Hong Kong. Would you please advise : (a) whether I need to submit a self assessment; and (b) if yes, under which form/section/page should I provide these income figures. Many thaHnks for your help!
  • Paid leave

    Hi admin, I'm an ex-civil servant in Hong Kong. When I resigned from my job in the Hong Kong Government in March 2021, I had about six months of untaken paid leave. Instead of getting all the untaken paid leave upon my resignation as a lump sum payment as the case in most private companies, the Hong Kong Government required that the untaken paid leave be settled as monthly salaries even after I have in effect left my job and was no longer providing any services of any kind to the government after March 2021. I then came to the UK in May 2021. I continued to receive the so-called monthly "salaries" from the Hong Kong Government till September 2021 and I have already paid the Hong Kong tax for all such salaries received after my resignation. In this case, I should be grateful for your advice on whether those "salaries" received between May and September 2021 (i.e. after I have moved to the UK) are regarded as taxable income in the UK, considering that these "salaries" are actually the deferred income of my untaken paid leave in Hong Kong but not the remuneration for any services provided after I came to the UK in May 2021. In this regard, I would also be grateful for your advice on whether I can still register for Self Assessmemt online (as I also have interests and dividends and capital gain loss to declare) as it seems that I have missed the deadline of 5 Oct. Look forward to your early advice. Kind regards, CP